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Collision Consulting is a partnership between forensic road collision investigators from an engineering and Garda/Police background (Ireland and U.K). Since 2003 the company have provided consultancy services and bespoke training to the insurance industry, legal profession, transport operators and local authorities.


Vehicle collisions happen within seconds, but understanding their cause and contributory factors requires a methodical yet ‘open minded’ approach. The investigation of road collisions using our specialist services, often reveal facts overlooked and can change the outcome of an otherwise solved case. 


      Investigations include:


  • Damage consistency reports.


  • HGV's, Public Transport, Forensic Tachograph Analysis.


  • Summary evaluation reports to comprehensive
    reconstruction reports. 


  • CCTV analysis.


  • Vehicle examination and crush damage analysis.


  • Vehicle Event Data Retrieval & Analysis.


Our forensic expert’s have over thirty years experience in this specialised field and have been accepted as expert witnesses in both Civil and Criminal Courts in Ireland and the UK. 


Collision Consulting (IRL) 

Phone: + 353 1 2191000


Trained Bosch CDR analysts of Vehicle Event Data.  

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