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The CDR tool allows crash data to be retrieved from motor vehicles that have been involved in a collision. In the event of a collision, the airbag module of the vehicle, if fitted with an “Event Data Recorder” (EDR), will record the specific crash data. Currently not all vehicles are fitted with an EDR but the list of vehicles is growing rapidly year-on-year.


The EDR is capable of capturing both pre-crash (up to 5 seconds) and crash data. Depending on the set parameters of the EDR, it may record data from airbag deployment and nondeployment events.


The CDR tool will image this crash data and display it in the form of easy to read graphs and tables. The crash data recorded will typically give event details* of:

  • Vehicle Speed

  • Engine Speed

  • Throttle Position

  • Brake Status

  • Seatbelt Status

  • DeltaV (crash pulse)


(*the level of information available from an event is manufacturer and vehicle dependent and will typically differ between each vehicle.)


The CDR system has been commercially available in the USA since the year 2000, and now as of 2015 is available for use with some European vehicles. Included on the European list are many popular brands including Toyota and Volvo.


The system has been well proven in the USA, and is used extensively by law enforcement officers, collision reconstruction practitioners’, insurance companies and fleet managers. 

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