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Our expert’s have over thirty years experience in this specialised field and have been accepted as expert witnesses in both Civil and 

Criminal Courts in Ireland and the UK

Services include:


  • Damage consistency.


  • Forensic collision reconstruction reports.


  • Review reports prepared by other experts.


  • Vehicle & vehicle component examination.


  • Tachograph data analysis, Vehicle motion/speed
    and Driver profile. 


  • CCTV analysis.


  • Road surface skid testing.



We understand the legal system and the need to document the facts thoroughly, following proven and supported analysis methodologies.


We communicate our findings in a non technical and easy to understand format, but still maintain the technical information to support our opinions. 


The investigation of road collisions using our specialist services often reveal facts overlooked and may change the outcome of an otherwise solved case.


Our background in criminal investigations has ideally placed our experts to assist in resolving many liability issues and suspected fraud cases.

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