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Training is divided into self contained seminars or courses designed to encompass all relevant information required for the particular topic. It can be tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of each organisation. Seminars and courses can be provided ‘in-house’ or at a suitable venue.



Collision Scene Investigation.

One day course designed to give participants the necessary skills to examine a collision scene, identify & photograph relevant information, and interview witnesses.

This course is suitable for Transport Managers & Road Safety personnel involved in the investigation and prevention of road incidents.  


Topics include:

  • Collision/incident Scene safety

  • Examination principles and techniques

  • Scene photography

  • Scene Measurement

  • Practical ‘break out’ session – simulated collision scene

  • Awareness of additional sources of information

  • Case studies

MIDAS Pro Drive. - Making Informed Decisions About Safety [Online]

Coming soon!

Making Informed Decisions About Safety for Professional Drivers is our new series of online road safety talks for experienced drivers. The many factors which cause collisions on our roads have been identified with road safety advice being provided through various media outlets. However, limited information is provided to assist the professional driver with understanding these factors and how they are easily introduced within the driving environment.

See below for more info.                

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This is a one day course designed to give participants the necessary skills to examine a collision scene, identify and photograph relevant information, and interview witnesses. Participants will understand the variety of marks left on the road surface and their significance to the collision event. How the road environment, vehicles and pedestrians contribute to collisions is explained, including what additional factors may arise in these investigations.  



To provide investigators with the skills and techniques needed for basic collision scene examination & data recovery. 


   Collision Scene Safety & awareness of the changing environment

   Emphasis is placed on correct PPE for the environment, approaching the scene compared to within the scene and reviewing safety. Short video presentations

   are included to reinforce the safety message.


   Scene Examination & photography

   How to assess the scene initially and identify the full extent of the relevant area to be examined.
 Provide the investigator with an awareness of what relevant information is required to properly compile a comprehensive report (with specific emphasis on liability and       learning outcomes specific to the relevant Industry).
   Understand the importance of tyre marks, gouges marks and all relevant collision scene evidence and properly record this data.

   Pictorially reconstruct the scene including sight lines, approach angles, road surface, street furniture etc. Vehicle photography includes essential angles, damaged             areas, tyres and vehicle interiors.
   Recording of measurements using established methods of scene mapping - Datum line and triangulation. These techniques are taught using basic tools i.e. 100m/25m       tape measure and measuring wheel.
   Since data recording in this environment is usually under time constraints, emphasis is placed on essential movable/loss potential data, due to road opening and                 weather conditions.

   Additional sourced of information

   This module includes the relevance of additional sources of information and how they are used in a forensic investigation. Participants gain awareness of potential             information often overlooked.
   These additional sources include:
•    Vehicle event data retrieval
•    Crush damage analysis
•    HGV Speed & driver activity data (Tachograph)
•    Sat Nav analysis
•    CCTV
•    Dashcam

  Case Studies: Pedestrian collisions & HGV collisions.

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MIDAS Pro Drive. - Making Informed Decisions About Safety [Online] 


This online series of 'talks' for professional drivers explains 'real world' stopping distance, driver distraction, drivers view & limitations, daytime & night time driving       problems & collision responsibilites. The talks include advice from Human Factors Psychologist Dr. Gemma Briggs, Forensic Collision Investigators and                importantly input from vulnerable road users.  

The talks are divided into short (approx. 20 minute) sections for convenient viewing with a total viewing time of approx. 1 hour. Designed for viewing on mobile phones and with subtitles included to facilitate discreet viewing without audio. Also, can be presented in various languages, when required. We highly recommend Transport Managers include their specific bespoke 'driver' requirements to us which we will include in the talks. A digital Certificate of completion is then provided to employers. 

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